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PADE Model E-Book for Solent Strategies 

In the creation of this e-book, I played an instrumental role in crafting a resource tailored to the unique needs of small business owners, particularly those at the helm of B2B tech companies. Given the objective to design a lead-generating asset that not only showcases expertise but also subtly introduces a potential initial engagement, I wrote the content, diving deep into a Marketing Model apt for small businesses. The e-book further illustrates the concept of a Marketing Audit based on this model, hinting at what could be the first paid engagement with the client, Solent Strategies. 

Understanding the audience's profile—business leaders ready to embrace marketing but unsure of the starting point and those with budding marketing teams but lacking senior marketing guidance—I adopted a conversational tone. The writing resonates with a flair that makes it engaging and relatable. 

After a comprehensive round of edits, the final product stands as a testament  to educating business leaders on the pivotal steps to effective marketing.

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