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ISA Instagram Revamp


  • Define a lifestyle of adventure, travel, experiences, impact, and opportunity.

  • Build belonging: A community of like-minded students who want to belong to the ISA lifestyle which is deadly focused on authenticity. 

  • Increase engagements and followers

Actions Taken:

The Profile:

  • More critical curation of images to create a comprehensive feed 

    • Scheduled content to create a "Rainbow Feed"​

  • Implementing a strong User Generated Content focus

    • Reduced "branded content"​

    • Reduced generic group shots

  • Tagged students and locations in photos

  • Refocused use of hashtags to only most pertinent ones - no more hashtag "spam"

  • Switching bio link from general website to Linktree URL to be able to direct to multiple CTA's at once 

  • Changed copy of captions from more formal corporate voice to student quotes and more laid-back, humor-filled voice 

  • Went from minimal stories to scheduling stories minimum 1/week

    • Saved stories and created custom covers for each​

  • When Reels were unveiled, created Reel content calendar 

Increasing Reach:

  • Created Instagram accounts for all abroad program sites (43 individual accounts), ran by on-site staff with my oversight 

  • Began monthly photo contest with a dedicated hashtag (#isaphotocontest)

    • Hashtag has been used over 775 times ​

  • Increased student & staff member takeovers of account

  • Diverted Paid Ad funds to include Instagram


​At it's peak, before COVID hit:

  • Impressions: 3062% increase

  • Engagements: 101% increase

  • Profile Actions: 1001% increase

  • Followers: 34% increase

  • Total monthly content: 294% increase

    • Carousels: 600% increase​

    • IG Stories: 950% increase

    • Total reels: 21

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