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Airtame: A better way is on the way


  • Introduce our latest hardware and software offering to the marketplace

  • Increase awareness among the market and channel

  • Drive pre-orders before shipment date in Q2

KPI's measured:

  • Social shares & engagements

  • Audience engagement

  • Click-through Rates

  • Form Responses

  • Email open rates 

  • Video Views

  • Number of new leads generated

  • Number of pre-orders made 

Content Strategy:


  • 35 emails sent across product lists regarding topics of product news, events, webinars, and sales. 

    • Responsible for:

      • Writing email copy

      • Working with graphic designer to create creative assets

      • Building emails in Pardot​

      • Running email QA tests 

      • Responding to and or/forwarding email replies

Social Media 

  • Developed 25 weeks of social promotions

    • 4-10 posts per week across​

      • LinkedIn​

      • Twitter

      • Facebook

      • Instagram

    • In addition to our "regular" social content programming

  • Wrote copy, designed creative assets myself or in conjunction with our Graphic Designer, and scheduled out posts

  • Responded to all community engagement across channels 


  • Worked with CEO and product team members to create product announcement webinar

  • Story boarded webinar and wrote script 

  • Worked with Graphic Designer to film pre-record content in Denmark

  • Wrote and published promotional emails and social media 

  • Used Demio software to set up and run webinar

  • Administrated live webinar with pre-recorded content, featuring a live Q&A panel


  • Wrote script for storytelling video describing new product offerings and their impact on the market 

  • Flew to HQ in Denmark to direct filming with third-party production contractors

    • Filmed in HQ with a variety of employees over the course of a week​

  • Worked with contractors to finalize post-production

  • Promoted video via website and email


  • Over 450 responses on "More information" form

  • Over 50 pre-orders placed 


  • Average open rates of over 40%

  • Over 300,000 emails sent across lists 

  • Hundreds of click throughs for product demos and sales calls 

Social Media 

  • 100+ social media posts

  • Over 300 received messages

  • 100k+ impressions

  • 1300 link clicks

  • Engagement rate of 3.3%.


  • 370 registrants

    • 49 % attended​

  • Attended 79% of session time

  • 62% of time attended was "focused" attention (not active in other tabs or windows)

  • Over 80 quality questions during Q&A

  • 30 CTA clicks in-webinar

  • 100+ on demand views

  • Multiple products pre-ordered during webinar/after webinar and directly tied to this event


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